29 Jan

Forklift Safety

Our Top Tips On #Forklift #Safety

Unfortunately we cannot control or predict the actions of others. Creating a safe working environment and promoting general awareness around the safety of forklift operations often helps reduce the number of accidents within the workplace.

At InLine Forklift Training we have many years’ experience of working with forklift operators’ helping to reduce workplace accidents and too keep your operators and workers safe. We have put together a few sensible precautions that forklift truck operators can take to help minimise the risk of accidents within the workplace:

  1. Ensure forklift operators are completing pre use checks to the equipment they are using. Properly maintained equipment equals a safer working environment from everyone and reduces the risk of accidents.


  1. As part of your pre use checks ensure that the forklift trucks Horn and Klaxon are working and can be heard by your colleagues. These important safety devices should never be switched off.


  1. Take care when operating forklift trucks. Make sure you are operating at a speed consistent to the working environments and within the designated areas. Never cut across pedestrian walkways and always use the lift trucks horn at blind corners.


  1. Stay alert whilst using any material handling equipment. Many accidents can be avoided by maintain good all round observations at all times. Never use mobile devices whilst operating a lift truck.


  1. When working with delivery drivers whether internal or external, make sure that you are both aware of what the other is doing. Clear communication is key to getting the job done safely.