23 Oct

Moffett Forklift Training


Moffett Vehicle Mounted Forklift Training Now Available!.

We are pleased to announce that we are now able offer courses for All experience levels on Moffett vehicle mounted forklift trucks.

Vehicle mounted FLT’s are separated into two different ABA categories:

T(B1) Vehicle Mounted Counterbalance

T(D1) Vehicle Mounted Reach Truck

We can offer forklift training courses in Essex Suffolk and Norfolk for Moffett and other vehicle mounted counterbalance and reach trucks. Training courses are all dependent on operator experience levels starting with Novice (3-5 day course) Experienced Uncertified Operators Course ( 2-3 days) Conversion (1-2 days) and Refresher (1 day)

Please note that these courses are offered on site only at customer locations within Essex Suffolk and Norfolk.

If you would like to find out more or to arrange a Moffett course for your company in Essex Suffolk or Norfolk, please email training@inlinetraining.co.uk 

19 Mar

Coronavirus COVID-19 Update

As the effect of the Coronavirus continues to evolve, we wanted to tell you, our valued customers, that we are open for business as usual.

We are committed to the health and safety of our instructors and course delegates and have implemented measures to control this.

We are continually monitoring and adopting guidance issued from Government and Local Authorities. We will continue to adapt our operations as necessary, Inline with any new information as and when it is available.

We would like to thank our customers for their continued support and cooperation at this difficult time. Rest assured, we will continue to work hard to deliver training solutions that are Inline for your business needs.

Thank You,
Michael Hackett
Managing Director
Inline Training Ltd

06 Sep

New Training Standards Rel

The Accrediting Bodies Association for work place transport has released new  ABA  has released updated guidelines for training and testing of operators using Pedestrian and Rider Pallet Trucks.

Here at Inline Training we are in the process of rewriting our course materials Inline with these guidelines,so you can be sure that the training we provide is updated to conform with current best practice. Our amended courses will be for the following machine categories.

A1 – Pedestrian electric pallet truck

A2- Rider operated electric pallet truck

A4- Rider operated pallet stacker

A5- Pedestrian electric pallet stacker




05 Jun

FLT Thorough Inspection LOLER Examinations

How often should your lifting equipment be inspected under LOLER?

Employers are often lead to believe that if there forklift truck has been serviced this covers them under LOLER (Lifting Operations and Lifting Equipment Regulations). In fact this is not the case.

Yes, having your forklift services and regularly maintained will help when it comes to LOLER inspections. however, what employers need to realise is that they are different.

Thorough Inspection of lifting equipment should take place annually if the equipment is lifting stock and biannually (every 6 months) when lifting people.

Here at InLine Training we are happy to help with Thorough Inspections and can advise on how regularly these should take place for your equipment.

A set of guidelines for employers is available for you to download here 

For more information, please send your enquiry to info@inlinetraining.co.uk

04 Jun

Forklift Focus-Pre Use Checks

Don’t forget to checkout our range of forklift training courses.

Here at InLine Training we believe that ALL operators of forklift trucks have a duty of care to ensure that their equipment is checked at the start of each shift. Conducting a thorough Pre Shift Check can help reduce the number of forklift truck related incidents occurring as a result of mechanical failure.

The Health and Safety Executive (HSE) estimates that as much as 18% of forklift incidents happen as a result of mechanical breakdown / Failure through lack of proper equipment maintenance. These incidents may have been avoided had a proper pre use check systems been in place.

Our instructors often arrive onsite to see that the employer has no Pre Use Check system in place. This is where we come in. Here at InLine Training ALL of our forklift truck courses cover the importance of Pre Shift Checks. We work with our clients to educate not just operators of forklift trucks but also managers and supervisors providing knowledge of what should be checked and why.

For more information about Pre Use Check Systems and Training please contact training@inlinetraining.co.uk

26 Jul

AITT & RITIB Instructors Required

Due to continued  growth, InLine Training are looking for self-employed RTITB or AITT Registered Instructors across Essex & Suffolk to work with us on a sub-contract basis.

Ideally candidates should have a minimum of RTITB or AITT Registered Counterbalance and Reach Truck qualifications and in terms of flexibility it would also be advantageous to hold  Pivot Steer (Bendi/ Flexi), VNA Man Up and Down,  PPT, PPTS etc.

We would also like to hear from Instructors with other truck types and training disciplines such as overhead Telehandlers, Gantry Cranes and HIAB.

Candidates must have their own transport and be willing to travel when required normally within a 50 mile radius of home.

Ideally Instructors should have a minimum 12 months experience carrying out on site training at clients premises.

If you would be interested in hearing more, please email a copy of your C.V. to training@inlinetraining.co.uk

We look forward to hearing from you.

04 Feb

Forklift Focus- Drive In Racking

This Week In Forklift Focus- Drive In Pallet Racking.


Drive in pallet racking is designed to maximise warehouse storage density, allowing some warehouses to increase storage capacity by 60%-80% over traditional APR racking (Adjustable Pallet Racking).

Pallets within a drive in system are stored using guide rails allowing counterbalance forklift trucks to enter these storage lanes to deposit pallets. This type of racking is widely used within in industries that require greater stock rotation such as food and drinks manufacturing.

Here at InLine Forklift Training we can offer job specific familiarisation training for forklift operators who haven’t used drive in racking systems before. This course is geared towards the experienced counterbalance forklift operator and can only be completed onsite at facilities with drive in storage racking systems.

To find out more about our Drive In Racking Familiarisation courses why not get in touch at info@inlinetraining.co.uk


10 Jan

More ways to pay for your forklift training with InLine Forklift Training

At InLine Forklift Training we want to make  it as easy as possible for our customers to pay for there forklift training. We are pleased to announce that we can now accept payments on site payments via all major Credit and Debit cards.


To find our how InLine forklift training can help your business why not drop us an email at info@inlinetraining.co.uk

16 Nov

Forklift Training Cards Now Available!!

We are pleased to announce that InLine Forklift Training  can now provide your operators with a Plastic Training Card upon successful completion of our courses.

The Training Card is designed to display the different equipment categories each operator can use, their unique certificate number and the date which refresher training is due inline with recommendations from the Health & Safety Executive.

The cards are particularly useful if your forklift operators are required to use equipment at different locations.

Each card costs just £10.00 per operator and can be requested before, during or after training has taken place.

If you would like any further information about this service, please don’t hesitate to contact us!

29 Jan

Forklift Safety

Our Top Tips On #Forklift #Safety

Unfortunately we cannot control or predict the actions of others. Creating a safe working environment and promoting general awareness around the safety of forklift operations often helps reduce the number of accidents within the workplace.

At InLine Forklift Training we have many years’ experience of working with forklift operators’ helping to reduce workplace accidents and too keep your operators and workers safe. We have put together a few sensible precautions that forklift truck operators can take to help minimise the risk of accidents within the workplace:

  1. Ensure forklift operators are completing pre use checks to the equipment they are using. Properly maintained equipment equals a safer working environment from everyone and reduces the risk of accidents.


  1. As part of your pre use checks ensure that the forklift trucks Horn and Klaxon are working and can be heard by your colleagues. These important safety devices should never be switched off.


  1. Take care when operating forklift trucks. Make sure you are operating at a speed consistent to the working environments and within the designated areas. Never cut across pedestrian walkways and always use the lift trucks horn at blind corners.


  1. Stay alert whilst using any material handling equipment. Many accidents can be avoided by maintain good all round observations at all times. Never use mobile devices whilst operating a lift truck.


  1. When working with delivery drivers whether internal or external, make sure that you are both aware of what the other is doing. Clear communication is key to getting the job done safely.