Pivot Steer (Bendi / Flexi) Training

The Pivot Steer lift truck is more commonly known as the Bendi or Flexi fork lift truck. The Pivot Steer combines the concept of a traditional counterbalance forklift together with the narrow aisle capability usually associated with Reach trucks. The Pivot Steer lift truck eliminates the need for loads to be handled twice, offering operators greater flexibility. The Bendi or Flexi truck can be used in both indoor and outdoor applications making this a versatile lift truck and a more favourable choice than reach trucks as a result.

Pivot Steer lift trucks can operate in a range of aisle widths from as little as 1.6 metres using their articulated steering system. This system allows the truck to be steered through 180 degrees and more on some Pivot Steer trucks such as the Bendi Longloader. The articulated steering system allows the lift truck to be used for loading and unloading vehicles as well as stacking and destacking within industrial racking systems.

In order to combine these roles effectively there are a number of additional factors that need to be taken into consideration by the forklift operator. These include:

  • The differences in using articulated steering systems
  • The increased size and manoeuvrability of the Pivot Steer lift truck
  • Height and handling characteristics and their differences from counterbalance and reach forklift trucks.

Providing your forklift operators with Pivot Steer forklift training ensures that they have the necessary skills to safely operate a Pivot Steer lift truck within your operation. The course is designed to provide operators of Pivot Steer lift trucks with both the theoretical knowledge and practical skills to comply with the standards and regulations contained within the HSE Approved Code of Practice (ACOP) L117.

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