04 Feb

Forklift Focus- Drive In Racking

This Week In Forklift Focus- Drive In Pallet Racking.


Drive in pallet racking is designed to maximise warehouse storage density, allowing some warehouses to increase storage capacity by 60%-80% over traditional APR racking (Adjustable Pallet Racking).

Pallets within a drive in system are stored using guide rails allowing counterbalance forklift trucks to enter these storage lanes to deposit pallets. This type of racking is widely used within in industries that require greater stock rotation such as food and drinks manufacturing.

Here at InLine Forklift Training we can offer job specific familiarisation training for forklift operators who haven’t used drive in racking systems before. This course is geared towards the experienced counterbalance forklift operator and can only be completed onsite at facilities with drive in storage racking systems.

To find out more about our Drive In Racking Familiarisation courses why not get in touch at info@inlinetraining.co.uk