Forklift Clamp Attachment Training

Bale Clamp Attachment Training

The Bale Clamp is a hydraulic attachment that allows the operator to open and close the clamp around a load squeezing it in order to pick it up. Forklift trucks that have this attachment fitted are often referred to as Clamp Trucks.

We offer a familiarisation course for the Bale Clamp attachment covering the basics of safe operation, and accepted safe practice of the Bale Clamp.

The Course

Course Duration: 0.5 day (usually 09:00 to 13:00).
Maximum operators: 3.
Delivery Method: Classroom & Practical training & Assessment.
Location: Customer premises.
Pre requisites: evidence of previous certification.
Assessment: multiple choice & written paper, practical skills test.
Certification: Successful operators will receive a certificate of training.

Course Syllabus

This course includes full certification and training materials.