Counterbalance Forklift Training

The Counterbalance lift truck is the most common type of forklift truck used throughout the UK. The Counterbalance lift truck is what people think of when referring to forklift trucks. There are two main varieties, three wheeled or four wheeled, with the three wheeled being more manoeuvrable turning through 90 degrees. These are often electric and have smaller rated capacities for use indoors within smaller warehouses. Whereas four wheeled Counterbalance trucks are typically used outside and are available in electric or battery powered, gas or LPG and Diesel varieties, offering much greater rated capacities.

Counterbalance lift trucks can be used in both indoor applications within industrial racking systems or outside for the purposes of loading and unloading vehicles. Counterbalance lift trucks can also be used with a wide range of forklift attachments for specific tasks, such as clamps, fork extensions and double pallet handlers.

Forklift operators will be able to:

  • Demonstrate all the skills and knowledge required to operate a Counterbalance lift truck.
  • Comply with current Health and Safety Legislation in relation to operating a Counterbalance lift truck.

Providing your forklift operators with Counterbalance forklift training ensures that they have the necessary skills to safely operate a Counterbalance lift truck within your operation. The course is designed to provide operators of Counterbalance lift trucks with both the theoretical knowledge and practical skills to comply with the standards and regulations contained within the HSE Approved Code of Practice (ACOP) L117.

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